Egoitz Ikaza

Egoitz Ikaza

Since he started at the age of seven, doing wildlife photography, a hobby he inherited from his father, Egoitz Ikaza (21 years old) has accumulated on the other side of the viewfinder hundreds of species, landscapes and stories mainly related to bird photography, nevertheless he never lets pass up the chance to portray any animal species that crosses in front of his eyes and his camera.

With his photographs he tries to highlight and show the importance of the species of our environment, as a way of knowledge and enhancement of the natural spaces that surround us.

As time goes by, he has been acquiring more knowledge, leaving aside a documentary photography style and focusing into something new, giving his images the necessary to achieve the difference among an attractive picture into a really impressive ones.

At the age of 20, he was pleased to partnership with Olympus brand by testing its equipment, what made Egoitz take the decision to change his equipment brand due to the quality, ergonomics of the equipment and service received. As a result, he had the opportunity to be a speaker at the FIO trade show, one of the most important ornithological tourism fairs in Europe.

Egoitz has been awarded in many national and international competitions, including MontPhoto, Maria Luisa Memorial and Fotoaves organized by SEO birding.



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