Interview with Arnaud Spinedi

Interview with Arnaud Spinedi

“Be alone and see some wildlife animals and have some beautiful picture after”


Arnaud Spinedi is a 14 years old nature photographer from Geneva, who takes pictures since August 2017.
“I like to find myself alone or with two in the mysterious nature and full of life that surrounds me. I like to discover the fauna of our Swiss regions through my photos”.

   * What is photography for you?
It’s a type of art that allows me to show my discoveries, what surrounds me etc via my photos.
   * What you enjoy the most?
I love getting up early in the morning, going out on my own, in nature, seeing animals and coming home with beautiful pictures.
* What are the main challenges that you face as a nature photographer?
The biggest challenges are finding the animals in its environment and hide to get to see it.
* “Through my images ...
I want to show what’s around me, to make people dream about showing the beauty of nature
* What inspires you about wildlife photography?
Everything, being in nature, in silence, where an unsuspected life resides.
*Which photographer has been the greatest influence on you? 
I really like the work of Thomas dellalay, Vincent Munier, Serge Hastier,Greg Vautey and Mattia Dori. Their pictures inspire me a lot.
* Do you share this passion with other young photographers? Is easy to find YNP?
Yes I share my passion with Noé Dubois who is also 14 years old. We photographed many species of animals together. Doing photography both of us helps a lot. Yes, I discovered YNP via Instagram.
 * How do you plan to shoot?
To begin, I learn about the species (habitat, reproduction, food) that I want to photograph in books or on the internet etc … Then I make field searches, I’m looking for an area occupied by the animal. If it is present, I look how I could position my photo hide so as to have a picture as pretty as possible. I break up and take some pictures to eventually catch the final photos. The process changes according to the species.
* What makes a great picture?
The things which make a beautiful picture are the species, their artistic side, their colors and their environment.
* Which is your favorite image? Could you explain the background story behind it?
My favorite pictures is a photo of chamois that I made this winter. I went to the mountains where I had the opportunity to spot a flock of chamois. They were all on a stop in the daylight.
* What are some of the places you want to visit?
I really want to go into Arctic to see the magnificent wildlife and the incredible landscape that we can only find over there.
* “I wish …
I dream having more time to take pictures. I wish I could travel in the north to see polar bears etc.

You can know more about the work of Arnaud Spinedi in his website:

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