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08 May 2017

Celina Chien

Celina Chien is a 19-year-old photojournalist focusing on wildlife conservation; sharing stories of natural beauty and environmental issues to provoke change.

She is also a member of Panthera’s Conservation Council, a global advisory board providing the organisation with actionable advice for the conservation of wild felids all over the world.

Her photography has taken her to Madagascar, Indonesia, Ecuador and Southern Africa documenting endangered biodiversity in ever-shrinking habitats.

Her experience as a conservationist includes working for Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative in Belize, the #SaveTheLeuser Campaign of the Sumatran Orangutan  Conservation Programme and the Rainforest Action Network, as well as PETA’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement team in Los Angeles.

Celina is currently studying for a BSc in Biological Sciences at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom.

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07 May 2017

Thomas Hempelmann

I´m a 19 year old german nature lover with a great passion for birds.

Whenever I have time, I go out and take pictures of them. Currently I am studying landscape ecology in the beautiful city Greifswald.


IN: @thomashempelmann


07 May 2017

Marc Casas

I’m an amateur nature photographer for 5 years, with preference for birds photography, but i’m also introducing at anfibian and reptile photography too.
My photographic equipment is composed by: Canon reflex 70d | Canon EF 100-400 mm IS | Tamron 90 mm SP



07 May 2017

Ingo Zahlheimer

Growing up with a strong connection to nature I started photography with being 9 years old. Nature photography has developed into my passion.
What we can see outside is totally stunning everyday and everywhere. The tallest trees and even the tiniest animals live their own strategy. Evolution has formed millions of different species connected to another.

I want to remind people what nature is for us and how amazing nature is. With my work I want to protect nature.




07 May 2017

Lluc Semis

I’m Lluc Semis, a young nature photographer of Catalonia (Spain).

Now I’m 21 years old and I’ve been taking photos since I was 16. It started like a hobby, but now it’s literally my passion. Nature photography it’s very important for showing people our natural heritage, and for helping on it’s conservation




07 May 2017

Titouan Joulain

I’m Titouan, from France.

I’ve been practicing photography for some few years now, maybe three or four, I can’t remember exactly. At least, I’ve always been a nature lover, I’m now studying landscape architecture but I studied biology for 3 years before and I’m graduated in it. I like to share my pictures to show how nature is fascinating. I try do it it with my own way, often minimalistic.




07 May 2017

Victor Ortega

Non-stop wildlife photographer and birdwatcher. I’m studying Biology in Madrid but I’m always thinking of new places to be visited and get new photographs from animals, birds or whatever when having enough time.

Most of my photographs are taken in Spain, with a lot of effort and work to get the best action images from the nature. I always try not to bother animals an respect the enviroment that surround us, using hides or whatever.

I started with this hobby some years ago when my father bought me my first camera.

I really don’t have any speciality but I enjoy most taking pictures of birds. My favourite ones are water birds and seabirds.




07 May 2017

Adrián Talavera

I’m a 22-year-old Biologist and passionate nature photographer.

I love every kind of animal, plant or natural landscape, but what I like the most are mammals and herps. I’ve been taking photos of wildlife since 4 years ago, mostly near my home city, Madrid, but also in some other parts of Spain.

With my photographs, I pretend to transmit some of the feelings I have with I come across with my subjects, and also to show how beautiful and interesting our nature is.

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07 May 2017

Jan Leßmann

Creative, Curious, Close to nature!

Nature photography is a way for me to tell stories. Stories about the beauty of nature, destruction of nature and about the little things in my personal environment. My often abstract pictures try to highlight individual elements of the great chaos, create new visions and draw attention to them. In a minimalistic way, I can let my creativity run in photography.