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14 Apr 2018

The feelings behind – Jan Leßmann

Jan Leßmann
Young nature photographer (b. 1993) from Germany, based in Greifswald

Nature photography is a way for me to tell stories. Stories about the beauty of nature, destruction of nature and about the little things in your personal environment. My often abstract pictures try to highlight individual elements of the great chaos, create new visions and draw attention to them. In a minimalistic way, I can let my creativity run in photography. Often I let myself be guided by my surroundings, let myself be inspired and go into the landscape without a goal. Nevertheless, I sometimes look for certain pictures that fit together and create a larger story about a specific topic. My favorite picture is about a barn swallow flying over the water. The picture combines all the qualities that I seek in photography. Minimalism, Love to Nature and a story to tell.

At the moment I started a project about our relationsship with our environment. What is nature? Are we part of it? Why do we alyways thinking in terms of “Man” and “Nature”? We are part of a big ecosystem, interacting with life surrounding us. There should be no difference between “nature” and “agriculture”. Why do we subdivide our landscape into national parks with untouched nature without human influence and hostile, agriculturally used land in which humans have great impact? Agriculture should be part of our environment, providing living resources for all the living communities, including the human species.


The Picture

I was at a meeting of the GDT at Kummerower See in Northeast-Germany, where we started together early in the morning for a photo tour. Unfortunately the expected fog was not there, the birds did not act interesting and after some time we slowly started our way back home. With the thoughts already at breakfast we waited for our small ship, which brought us back to the opposite shore. Out of the corner of the eye I noticed several barn swallows flying close to the water, always in the same circles. With a certain image in my head, I put myself close to the edge of the river with the wide-angle lens and waited for the swallow. After some time they got used to me and past me very close. With a 1/4000 second I was finally able to capture the swallow and its shadow. If you look closely you can also see the mosquito, which is hunted by the swallow. The special thing about this photo is that it was absolutely unexpected and unplanned. We were already on the way back from our photo tour, the light was hard and conditions were not perfect. Especially in such moments I like nature photography. With open eyes and a free mind good pictures can be created regardless of the light and the situation.


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